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Something Q&A

a reception image of a wedding by Something Blue Colorado

Photo by Broxton Art

“Marcea Copeland-Rodden is a fabulous wedding planner! I hired her for the weekend-of-the-wedding package, and couldn’t be more pleased with her work. My wedding was entirely DIY, and I took care of all contracting, crafting, and coordinating before the event. However, Marcea was on top if it all, and was seamlessly able to take over for me the weekend of the wedding so that I could enjoy it, rather than me needing running around placing centerpieces or calling the bakery to see where the cake was. I was able to just focus on the day, my friends, and my husband. She helped decorate the venue to my specifications, ran the ceremony and reception, took care of final payments, and I’m sure did a million other things that I (thankfully) am not aware of because I was enjoying my day! If you are a DIY bride, Marcea is the perfect complement to your wedding – you take care of all the details, and let her make sure they’re all put together so you can enjoy all the work you’ve put into it. I’d be happy to answer any questions about Marcea, and I HUGELY recommend her to anyone needing help coordinating the whole thing, or just stage-managing what you’ve put together already.”

~Elan and Adam at the Red Lion Restaurant, Boulder

1.) Where can you plan a wedding?

We can help you plan a wedding anywhere in Colorado.

2.) How much do you charge for travel costs?

There is no charge for travel costs within a two hour driving distance of Denver. This includes, but is not limited to;  Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Winter Park,  Breckenridge, Dillon, Keystone, Frisco, Copper, Vail  and Beaver Creek weddings. Any location that is outside of the two hour distance from Denver we only charge gas and two nights at a hotel (you pick the hotel in order for you to pick the most affordable for your budget).

3.) How much do your services cost?

Unlike many other event planners we do not have any hidden costs. We are upfront about our prices. We charge a flat fee for our packages. There is no haggling or surprises. Click here for Something Blue Colorado’s prices.

4.) We do not live in Colorado but we would like to get married in Colorado, can you help us?

Yes, we can help you. We have worked with clients from as far away as India, so we can help you no matter where you are located. We will keep in contact with you through skype, email and phone conversations. Click here for more information on Something Blue Colorado.

5.) Are you certified wedding planners?

Yes we are. We are not only certified wedding planners but we are certified green wedding planners and can assist you with ideas that will make your wedding day eco-friendly. We stay up to date on new trends and techniques by taking classes and attending professional conferences. We are also a current member of ISES, International Special Events. It is a professional organization for businesses in the event industry where we take classes, network with the best event vendors in Colorado and learn about new ideas in the event industry. You can feel confident that when you book us that we are professionals in our business.

Certified green wedding planner
International Special Events Society member logo

6.) Can you plan a civil union?

Absolutely, we can help you plan your special day. We know friendly GLBT wedding vendors and are proud to be a part of the Rainbow Wedding Network.

7.) Why hire a wedding planner?

There are many great reasons why you should hire a wedding planner. Often we can help you save money because we know the area and the vendors. We know who is a good value and who is not. Lots of couples will go over budget when they do not have a wedding planner to help them navigate the costs of a wedding. We create a detailed budget that helps you to stay on your budget. We also have vendors who give us discounts and we pass the savings directly to you.  We help with the wedding etiquette in order for you to understand which rules you need to follow, which ones you can bend, and which ones you can break all together. We help you come up with creative styles and decorations that fit your budget. We can create your wedding ceremony that contains unique and personal touches that will be remembered long after your wedding.

On the actual day of the wedding we will make sure that all of the decorations are up and that all the vendors are in their place, so you can relax and sip champagne in your changing room and not worry about any of the little details. We also help clean up at the end of the event and make sure that your gifts and decorations go to the location that you designated ahead of time. We often joke that we become your best friend, your personal assistant, and your mother all in one.

8.) We have a coordinator through the venue. Why should we hire a wedding planner/coordinator?

Coordinators at the venue sites are there to make sure that the venue is providing everything that they promised and to make sure their property is taken care of properly. Most likely they will not call the photographer if they are running late or put out the decorations that you made for your wedding or help you with the rehearsal. In short, the wedding planner is your advocate when you cannot be there and the site coordinator is the advocate for the venue.

9.) What does it mean to be a Green wedding planner?

We are certified green wedding planners through the Green Bride Guide and we know what changes to make to lessen the carbon foot print of your wedding. We also practice what we preach and implement as many green friendly businesses practices as we can. Click here to find out more about Something Blue Colorado being green.

10. Can you help a DIY Couple?

Yes we can. We can provide you with unique ideas on how to make decorations, invitations and programs. On the wedding day we will put up all of your DIY wedding decorations in order to make sure that you have a care free day.

11.) My venue provided me with a preferred vendor list so I do not need help with picking out wedding vendors, right?

Sadly, the truth is that with most venues that have preferred lists, the vendors have paid to be on them. This means that they might not be the best and are normally more expensive because they pass on the cost of being on the preferred list to you. This is why it is important to hire us. We have a preferred list and none of our vendors have paid to be there. They are on our list because they produce a quality product, and they tend to be more affordable since they are not paying to be on a preferred list.

12.) Can we contact past couples that have hired you to work their weddings?

Click here for Something Blue Colorado’s testimonials, where you can watch video reviews of couples who we have helped plan/coordinate their weddings. You can read other past clients reviews on the Wedding Wire or the Knot. We do not give out past clients’ personal information for privacy reasons.

13.) Are you insured?

Yes we are, so if your venue only allows insured businesses you can rest assured we are qualified.

14.) Are you military friendly?

Yes we are. The owner of Something Blue Colorado grew up in a military family, so we understand military couples. We offer military couples $50 off for the service to our country, and if you need to move the wedding date because you have been deployed then we will move the date for free as long as we still have the date available. Something Blue Colorado has access to military facilities and are able to help plan your wedding at one of the many beautiful military facilities in Colorado.

15.) What type of events can Something Blue Colorado plan?

We can help plan many different types of weddings, including: green weddings, civil unions, renewals, pets in the ceremonies, elopements, as well as mountain and destination weddings.

16.) Where has Something Blue Colorado worked before?

Something Blue Colorado’s wedding planners have worked at many beautiful location across Colorado including, but not limited to: Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Winter Park, Granby Lake, Red Rocks, Estes Park, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Denver.

17.) Can you tell us about the owner of Something Blue Colorado?

This is a locally owned and operated business in Colorado. I graduated from Davis and Elkins College, WV with honors. I planned and ran multiple non-profit events over the years,  such as social gatherings and fundraisers, before I started Something Blue Colorado back in 2009. I am a certified Green Wedding Planner who continues to take classes and workshops to stay up to date on the newest wedding trends. I am a very creative person and have taken multiple drawing, photography, and design classes. I love Colorado and through Something Blue Colorado I love to share my passion for Colorado with all of my clients and their guests. I am an avid outdoors person. When I am not working you can find me hiking with my dog or skiing in fresh powder in a back bowl. Let me help you make your Colorado wedding dreams come true.

- Marcea


Photo by Mahal Bella Photography


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